Studio 13 Brief: Are We Sitting Comfortably?

Following on from last year, Studio 13 will be taking it easy again. This time in preparation for the next Summers’ Cricket Season. When we will kick back, put some drinks on ice, find ourselves a comfortable seat, tune into Test Match Special on the radio and watch a match or two from the comfort of our own balcony. In order to prepare for the Summer Season, we will need to design a place to sit, with a good view of the field and all of the comfort required by discerning Ladies and Gentlemen. Your design project titles for this year will be: “Are We Sitting Comfortably?” and “Booker T. & The M.G.’s, In Your Back Yard”. (listen to “Soul Limbo” by these chaps you will like it). Our site for design investigation will be Sussex County Cricket Ground in Hove.

The year will commence with a trip to the Cathedral of Cricket in this country, Lords. Where you will have the chance to see first hand some of the ground breaking contemporary architecture developed there in recent years. If you join us you will get a tour of Hopkins and Arups’ Mount Stand, Future Systems’, Stirling Prize winning Media Centre, Populus and Arups’ Warner stand as well as the hallowed MCC Members Pavilion. If we are lucky, we will get a look at Wilkinson Eyre’s, competition winning plans for the new Compton and Edrige stands.

You see Lord’s isn’t one building. Since the arrival of the Marylebone County Cricket Club at the St. John’s Wood site in 1814 the ground has been developed rather like an ideal English Town. There is no attempt to create architectural uniformity, however there is a strong impulse to arrive at a provisional harmony with every new architectural addition or amendment. Each building case study takes a very different approach to expression, and construction. By the way, why don’t they look like the Taj Mahal?

Your studio 13 tutors for this year will be Michael Howe and Mark Rist. Michael is the short, slightly confused looking, white haired old chap with glasses. Mark is the tall, dark haired, young chap, (sometimes with a beard), who looks like someone from a teen-vampire series if you ask me.

Interested? Why not? Go on…….You Know You Want, STUDIO 13.

Michael and Mark 2018