Studio 11 Brief: Fields.

“Field conditions are bottom-up phenomena, defined not by overarching geometrical schemas but by intricate local connections. Interval, repetition, and seriality are key concepts. Form matters, but not so much the forms of things as the forms between things.” Stan Allen

This year Studio 11 will focus on the concept of fields as a way to frame and engage the potential of our site and to inform the resulting architecture. From an unbroken expanse to a space of projection, from a complex of forces to a database record, from a subject of scientific study to the scene of a battle, the notion of fields offers a framework in which different timescales, forces and activities – from the micro to the macro – can meet, influencing and articulating the subtle relationships that form our everyday existence.

We will begin our explorations with careful studies of the existing site in Hove near the seafront. With a mix of empty lots, strange fantasy landscapes for family activities and water sports, unique buildings that house a range of programmes, and a rich history, the site offers many levels of engagement. Thinking through the existing infrastructures and natural worlds influenced by time, weather and inhabitation, we will work through mapping/drawing to better understand and develop individual architectural positions. This stage will be followed by an intense making project in the first term as we begin to interact and influence the site through invented devices and methods of investigation. In terms Two and Three the approach to making and the development of a drawn language will become the foundation of knowledge for developing each student’s architecture.

Studio 11 is interested in the creative space of the architect – often situated in the liminal interplay between the imagination of a future existence (the dreamed-of building) and the slow/intense/ spontaneous/precise/risky/demanding/seductive creation of the architectural drawing. It is in this space that architecture takes its form. The process of drawing in term One will be what opens the link between you and your architecture. The devices will be the expression in the material world of these interests – an experimental play that is both informed and intuitive. As a studio we encourage a development of individual positions that reflect the dynamic nature of the world that we are in, and this is often a challenge. It may involve finding methods that are unknown/untested, and thus the element of risk is always present. We welcome this and support an active desire to engage with the unseen and yet-to-be-discovered aspects of site and inhabitation.