Sara House: Exploring Light and Space.

Our site in studio 6 through the whole year was Rottingdean. During first them I became intrigued by the way light interacted with different materials to create unique shadows, my first term project, ‘Stories through shadows’, consisted of a series of elements that when light came in contact with them at a certain time during the day the shadow projections would come together to form one. The elements represented stories and activities that had taken place in the Kipling Garden in Rottingdean.
This inspired my term two work, I continued exploring the possibilities of light in a space and how this affects people starting off by analysing the levels of light and shadow in the site behind the Grange Library in Rottingdean. Through shadow analysis and light level studies I wanted to create spaces that maximise light levels in some areas and work with the absence of light and shadows in others which I planned to accomplish by using different materials as well as by using design strategies learnt from my precedent studies. This spaces would be used as a therapy space from people affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Sara House