Retrofitting Utopia.

Studio 5 combines landscape space and urban areas through the idea of Continuous Productive Urban Landscape (CPULs). CPUL is a design concept of interlinking productive landscapes into cities as an essential element of sustainable urban infrastructure. Our site is located in Thamesmead, London. It was an extensive development initiated by the Greater London Authority in the 1960s. It was developed to acknowledge the post-war housing shortage and later transformed into a new utopian town providing housing as well as recreational and educational activities for the local community. Contrastingly in 2018, it is an area of social housing and social deprivation.

Studio 5 aims to explore how a CPUL and Food Hub and Market in Thamesmead could provide spaces for learning and growing and include a new public market on site. Here student Lisa Daniels explains how she responded to the brief.

Brief 01, in this brief we were asked ‘if you weren’t to become an architect what career path would you follow?’ My answer was a research chemist.

Taking this idea into consideration, for my narrative, I had begun to design laboratory spaces for a retired couple both of whom where chemists. In this first image, I wanted to capture the key features of a transparent, clinical yet fun and personal home. The spaces I have designed accommodate and reveal the contrasting personalities of the couple through transparency. Working spaces are revealed through a u-shaped passageway. A sense of sequence is emerging in this small design.

Image 2: The sense of sequence and time is followed through onto brief 03. This drawing maps the visual effect of growing crops. The drawing records the journey from a sparse winter (sowing the seeds) to an abundant summer when the crops is ready to be harvested.

Image 3: To create this model, I produced a variety of scenes modelling the activities that would happen in a CPUL and market. The model mixes perspective and model making to bring to life the atmosphere of market and agriculture.

The model situates my CPUL and market in the Portmeadow Walk courtyards. It shows greenhouse spaces connected by a series of passageways with built-in growing spaces. The greenhouses and passageways follow a similar architectural language as the brief 01 spaces, a delicate transparent structure is used to contrast with the hard concrete on site. Crops will be grown by the local community in greenhouses and then sold in the market.