Research Posters.

What is a Research poster?  Third year BA Architecture students have been mapping their dissertation projects by making research posters. In making these posters they are able to present their ideas in a visual, easy to understand format. Defining a graphic language that works with their individual projects helps students to develop their ideas further in the design and layout of their dissertation and their final poster submission. A summary of each research project, then becomes the 300 word abstract of their final dissertations.

The point of the Research poster exercise is two-fold: to be able to show your dissertation work in your portfolio. The poster allows external examiners to get a quick idea of the work without having to read the actual piece. The poster is used to convey the key points of the project and is thus able to do more than an ordinary abstract. In addition, by presenting their poster students get the opportunity to practice presenting and talking about their ideas in public, in a composed and assured way.