Marks Make Meaning Alessandro Zambelli: The Return of Jack and Becky: a propositional reconstruction.


Exploring coincidences of event, time and place at the current location of the probable Roman artefact ‘London Stone’ on Cannon Street in London, this drawing gathers together a cast of characters, both real and mythical involved in its history. All of this ‘cast’ have been represented in proximity to the stone throughout its recorded visual history.

Controversy surrounding the original, historical and current siting and display of the stone invite a looser, more radical response to both its display and to the representation of the object and its manifold contexts.

The drawing therefore employs a variety of what I describe as ‘undisciplined’ drawing techniques: drawing practices less strongly associated or, in some cases completely unassociated, with any putative parent discipline.

Alessandro Zambelli: School of Architecture and Design.