M’Arch Studio 2 Studio Brief: Pass Port.

In 1967 Cedric Price proposed to transform the ruined industrial region of North Staffordshire into a mobile university campus. The resulting Potteries Thinkbelt became the first large-scale project to anticipate the passage from material to immaterial production as the driving force of an advanced capitalist economy. Shortly
afterwards, in 1969, the Open University was established as a new model of education.
The Impact of Brexit on young people looks grim, it is time to take action and re visit these models. The topic of this year’s Studio 02 project will be A place for students and researchers. We will be proposing a radically different ‘university’ as a new form of welfare for young people who learn, work and produce in precarious conditions.

Studio Position
We continue to research the substance, stuff and medium of fabrication, designing architecture through a better understanding of how to bring together traditional craft techniques with ‘intermediate’ digital technologies, natural material and helpful geometries. A key proposition is that available digital design and fabrication technologies will enable traditional making techniques to be reinvented as innovative and intimate collaborations between us and our new tools.

Studio Programme
Researching and developing a specific construction system constitutes a central aspect of this approach. Each student will individually work with an invented composite, revealing and using the complex relationships between materiality, form, structure and space, the related processes of production and assembly, and the multitude of performance effects that come from the interaction with environmental influences and forces.
The design of space, structure and climate will be synthesised and tested through the fabrication of a physical, material prototype using developed apparatus, gadgets and gizmos.

Supported by workshops and seminars including
• Material Harvesting and Vernacular
Techniques Directing Consultations
• Construction Logics
• Detail Design for construction
1. Denton Island, Newhaven – Realisation –
Facade Project.
2. for BAMB competition https://www.bamb2020.eu/get-involved/reversible-design-competition/

Research investigations will be lead by the understanding of a client brief, consultation and collaboration with the young future users of them Denton Island Youth Centre, the studio will design and build a cladding system to be completed May 2019. Requiring the setting up of a Project specific Studio Practice.
Systems and techniques will be individually developed and scaled through the development of entries to the BAMB competition for a reversible building that has flexibility and transformation capacity to change its function by time according to changeable needs of young communities in order to embrace three functions: commercial, residential and services using Newhaven’s neighbourhood Plan 2017-2013 as inspiration and context.

www.d-lab.co.uk/stratford-about -digital and fabrication resource centre – giving space, programming and machine time to realise the making.
www.veolia.co.uk material supply Sussex Community Development Association – Client Trips
Essential visits to Newhaven site for survey, design meetings and construction.