Looking to the future.

True to form, this year studio Subject to Change began their first studio day by delving straight into the project getting to know our territory and one another…
This began with an initial site reading where, as a studio we collectively scoped out our territory, on a walk from Hove to Kemptown. On this walk they, in groups, each had a specific focus with a given typology to document and locate.
Once back in the studio, these findings were collated in a studio wide mapping exercise that enabled us to establish what currently exists within this high street setting. This data will form the basis from which to define the ‘ingredients’ of what makes the high street – setting out to disciver why is it that people continue to visit this street over any other street? It is this that will set the parameters from which the ‘radical exchanges of the future high street, Brighton 2030’ will emerge and reveal areas for further inquiry.