Leach Court: Sheltered Housing.

After a review of last term’s work Studio 12 began developing strategies for adding housing to the existing Leach Court sheltered housing project in Brighton. Students have begun working exclusively through models to find ways of adding additional units in between, on top of, or in around the existing three tower blocks. The students have exceeded expectations in terms of finding unexpected places and ways of adding units while mostly maintaining the existing housing. These range from low-level carpet housing approaches to new towers added in between the existing. Athol Ruston started by developing a series of entry types and then used these to develop an urban housing strategy incorporating new streets and paths through the site. Rob Flanagan’s is investigating the idea of a new tower with a small footprint that grows larger as it rises in order to preserve usable open space at ground level. The studio will now be turning attention to the types of units that are implied by these strategies moving the work into plans, sections and more models in the coming weeks.