Isle of Dogs Exhibition.

BA Architecture studios exhibited their work alongside recent graduates at a recent exhibition organised by Studio 09 student Connor Paul that uses the Isle of Dogs as a tool to explore shifts in society. One of the goals in the curation of the project was to represent a variety of perspectives with many pieces discussing both the pro’s and con’s of hierarchical communities.

The Isle of Dogs, is an area of East London that thrived from the 1800’s onwards due to its location nestled into a swan neck meander of the River Thames making it the perfect place to develop docks. By 1862 there were 3 docks on the small island and many of the docks workers and their families had moved to the area. Skip ahead to the 1960’s and containerisation was beginning, a super efficient and cheap method of shipping that the docks were not made to handle. The docks closed from the 70’s and by 1980 they were finished, leaving the area deprived and derelict, with the highest level of council housing in Britain. In 1982 The British government declared the area an urban enterprise zone, leading to the Canary Wharf we know today. Canary Wharf’s business district has led to the creation of high rise private housing, retrofitted apartments which when placed beside the council housing of the area, dub the area “The Peninsula of Extremes”

This recent exhibition attempts to observe, experiment and speculate on certain conditions and characteristics in order to take value from past events.

Artists :
Haleimah Darwish
Connie Wright
Ben Spong
Joonhong Min
Conor Paul
Charlie Harris
Kezia Webborn
Marco Leon Ortega
Joshua Oyeyinka
Eseosa Ohen
Tri Ha
Peter Marsh
Kieran Letts
Machine Operated
Charlie Maclagan
Keith Taylor
James Fincher
Henri Kisielewski
Yun Cheng