Inciting social change.

Abdulmumuni Mahmuds project for this years Global Free Unit is inspired by creative young adults. He has been looking at how new ideas and young adults in all fields in Nigeria are not being given opportunities to show their worth and the view that there is a general resistance towards change. “It has become a battle between old versus new and young versus old. My project aims to use art as a medium of inciting social change by breaking into an exclusive world and providing access to spaces that are ordinarily inaccessible to young adults. This involves the occupation of digital space, a place in which young adults seem to thrive in a lot more than the older generations. This mode of response to social issues by working with architecture in a virtual world begins to blur the lines between what we consider real and what is not.”

The gift part of this project which is a virtual exhibition for project collaborators at the Tate Britain can be accessed via this link