Henna Patel: A Horticultural Society for Rottingdean.

My proposal originally started with the idea of creating a home for the Horticultural Society of Rottingdean. My project develops on the idea of using natural materials to create different products. Last term the focus was on the process of creating thread using thistle stems, this year the focus shifts to the creation of wool yarn using the fleece of the South Downs sheep and also the process of creating different colored natural dyes using beetroot, spinach and carrots.

The building responds to and is built to accommodate a program, that allows for sheep from the South Downs to be brought onto site and sheered. Beetroot, carrots and spinach is to be grown in a sunspace, which would be used to create dye. The thread would be dyed and dried on a conveyor mechanism and woven through a loom. The woven fabric would be stitched to create garments and other items, which would be sold at the market that takes place at the front of The Grange, which would also coincide with the village fayre.