Free Range: Final Foray as Interior Architecture Students.

Preparations for this years Free Range are going well. Interior Architecture have been students designing and constructing stands, panels and crates this week and the 1:20 scale model of our Exhibition area is nearing completion. Taking part in Free Range is one of the high points of studying Interior Architecture, students get to showcase their work, meet prospective employers and celebrate their final foray as an Interior Architecture student. Each year Free Range gets bigger and better and this 10th Annual Show will include the work of post graduates for the first time. With approx 45 courses exhibiting and 1000s of visitors, the show attracts huge attention from both press and employers. So the pressure is really on! It is a hugely valuable learning experience in terms of the logistics of putting on a show: the planning, practicalities, rapid turnaround and team work that is involved alongside putting on a your first professional solo performance.