Female Firsts.

The “Female Firsts” exhibition is a recent tradition in the School of Architecture and Design to celebrate International Women’s Day (Thurs 8th March) instigated by our brilliant Claire Hoskin. Here Claire tells us a bit about this years additions.

“I am pleased to announce that there are three new additions to the 2018 “wall of women”. I would like to thank Mr Andrew Bayley for pointing me in the direction of the first two of these, proving that International Women’s Day may be about women but is not just for women. Added to the collection is the first female mayor (the story of who’s election is definitely worth looking up), and the first woman to drive around the world. She also did this in some excellent trousers. As a resident of Lewes I am particularly pleased to include the third new entry, Lewes FC Women, the first football team in the world to be paid equal salaries with the men’s team.

Lewes F C Women are leading the Equality FC campaign to promote and support girls and women in the game, quite literally a level playing field. Below is a link to their website and a video that is really worth a watch, whether you understand the off-side rule or not”

“The “Female Firsts” exhibition is on display in the School of Architecture and Design reception area on the third floor of Mithras House.

Wishing you all a happy International Women’s Day.

Claire Hoskin