End of Year Show on the RIBA Stirling Prize winning Hastings Pier.

A great idea is now a reality, the amazing RIBA Stirling Prize winner Hastings Pier is to be venue for our 2018 End of Year Show. As well as being a masterpiece in regeneration and inspiration the flexibility Hastings Pier provides makes it a fantastic venue, large enough to showcase work from our whole school.

Unlike Brighton Pier that is cluttered with the traditional seaside amusements Hastings is all about, community, free space and no buildings; an enormous platform over the sea making it perfect for temporary installations and events.

Over the past few months Deputy Heads of School Kate Cheyne and Glenn Longden Thurgood and M’Arch Course Leader Jeff Turko have been busy liaising with the owners and the community groups who are involved as well as staff and students still located in Hastings and have been met with great enthusiasm. Huge thanks also goes to Michael Spooner who was the project architect for the pier and teaches on our Interior Architecture course.

In just a few weeks time staff and students will begin to build a series of small buildings that each course and design studio will use and customise to reflect their agendas. Our show will then open on the Pier from the 5th of June and with a grand opening on Friday the 8th June.

On Saturday 9th June we will have a day of informal events organised in partnership with local communities and creative industries. There will be a food market and various performances on the pier head. We will also stage our own events, fundraisers and sell things as a way of raising money to cover the costs of the show….all very exciting so watch this space!!