Drawing Out a New Way of Understanding Local.

Following the Studio 11 mini-lecture this spring, I have been reflecting on the potential of the landscape in determining both a material and spatial vocabulary for a series of drawings. In March our guest speaker Charlotte Erckrath (Assistant Professor from the Bergen School of Architecture) revealed the potential of both the photograph and perspectical drawing to hold embedded layers of what may lie beyond the frame of the image itself. Focussing on the process of drawing as a way of conjuring and unravelling a mystery, Erckrath presented her search through a carefully crafted drawing study of Helmut Newton’s photograph Self-Portrait with Wife and Models, ‘Vogue’ Studios, Paris, 1980. Architect and colleague Gudrun Krabbe’s discussion of François Roche’s robot project in Bangkok eloquently demonstrated the possibilities of embedding work with the very material stuff of site. Krabbe’s cherry-coated glass and night-coloured reflections from the concentrations and traces of unconsumed wine in her exhibition Spontaneous Fermentation (2017) opens questions on the possibilities of working with what is given locally. In my Bedroom Drawing Series (2013) that I presented as part of my own lecture, I worked with charcoal that I made myself as part of an event and chalk that I collected from my site wanderings. I wish to return to the dark mirror of the Displacement Device Series (my evolving drawing apparatus) with a persistence to revealing a new way of understanding the idea of local. The perspectival construct offers a counterpart framework to the drawing investigations that have followed my doctoral research. My own passion for weather will act as a determining impetus in the initial stages. Summer is almost here!

Dr. Sam Lynch