Design for the New Domesticity.

Level Five Product Design students put on a fantastic exhibition this week to showcase their designs for the “Design for the New Domesticity” project. The aim of the project was to  respond to the rsie in single person households, and think of ways that solo living can be improved , made more comfortable or more sustainable. It has been developed in conjunction with Boutique Modern, a local company that designs and manufactures pre fabricated volumetric housing.

the scenario required that designers react to a propsed situation whereby the government was rolling out a series of ‘Newcroft ‘developments across the country. These were conceived as of as communities of pre fabricated, single living units, designed to be as amenable and eco-efficient as possible.

The challenge was to design a product that would improve the life of somebody in such a situation; that would make their everyday life better and enhance the lives of those around them. As the pictures show they rose to the challenge with some inspiring responses.