Counter Investigations.

Word has been spreading around the studios about a fascinating exhibition currently showing at the ICA in London. Several staff and students went to see Counter Investigations a survey exhibition of the work of Forensic Architecture, an independent research agency based at Goldsmiths over the Bank Holiday weekend.

‘Forensic Architecture’ is not only the name of the agency but is the examination of investigative practice that combines the architectural, journalistic, legal and the political, moving from theoretical examination to practical application.

The exhibition uncovers how the agency have undertaken a series of investigations into crimes and human rights violations, spanning events within war zones and instances of politically and racially motivated violence and killing outside of military conflict.

Using architecture as an ‘analytic device’, Forensic Architecture’s investigations use material and spatial analysis, mapping and reconstruction, along with elements of witness testimonies and visual documentation. By working closely with communities affected by acts of social and political violence alongside NGOs, human rights activists and media organisations these investigations provide fascinating evidence in a number of legal cases and contested accounts given by state authorities. The exhibition provides a rare glimpse into new forms of civil practice that operate across art, architecture and activism. Not to be missed.