Claire Hoskin, Reconstructed Drawings: Marks Make Meaning.

 Reconstructed Drawings, Paper and card collages


My work is based on conversational drawings made during tutorials in architectural teaching. Found in recycling bins or left in photocopiers these drawings, though of use at the time of their making, have little value or meaning outside of the tutorial conversation.

I have attempted to retask these quickly rendered disposable images into constructed drawings.

By interpreting the quality of line (speed, line weight, pen pressure, etc) I have “translated” the original drawings using the colour and tone of the different papers. The drawings are often on scrap paper or the back of other documents. The evidence of reuse (over-drawing, marks from the other side of the paper, additional notes, etc) is included within the collage. I often make use of text and numerals including those from drawings on numbered receipt book pages. These elements seem to be trying to make sense or give order to images dislocated from their former meaning and function.

Claire Hoskin: School of Architecture and Design.