Budapest Trip: Moholy Nagy University Visit.


At the Moholy Nagy Institute of Architecture staff and students discussed with us their ethos towards architectural education their strong sense of tradition and connections to both an artistic viewpoint and engineering knowledge.

First we had an introduction to the course’s strong emphasis on learning through making by Professor Tamas Nagy who described a recent Summer project where the students designed and built a bridge by a small village in the countryside. The film highlighted how the work and involvement was very similar to our own Degree Show build with plenty of real world, hands-on experience, however we were glad that we wouldn’t be wading through rivers to build our structure (and also noticed that some of the health and safety approaches would raise a few eyebrows back in Brighton!)

Followed by a discussion with current students showing some of their projects which was very interesting to see how they compare to our approach and work.

It was fantastic to make some connections and gain a different perspective to the student experience and also to catch the amazing view of the city from the studios on the 8th floor!

You can find out more about the Institute through the University’s website: