Budapest Trip: Mindspace.


Mindspace is an organization focused on social innovation and we met up with them to hear about their approach to making spaces into places and bringing communities back together. Mindspace is essentially a think-tank that consults on projects in the community in the fields of environment protection, green communication, social activities, research and education. But it is a hands-on group who don’t just talk about things but help to scale and implement the projects they develop in as fun way for the people on the ground as possible. Although Mindspace has a full-time team (and also volunteers who help work on the projects) they are a non-profit organization but despite being busy they still found time to give us a tour around one of their recent projects in Rákóczi Square.

This area had suffered from some large scale urban development works, including the building of a metro line through it that resulted in a complete loss of community and liveability becoming a through route and somewhat abandoned. Working with local businesses, ‘a unique blend of African hairdressers and bars, creative small enterprises, galleries, shops, underground cafes and the endless line of local craft stores’, Mindspace arranged a series of events including a conference, an exhibition, a pop-up print shop and a serigraph workshop to start bringing some positivity back to the community and to look to the future.

You can find more about the work they do on their blogsite: