Budapest Trip: KÉK – Contemporary Architecture Centre.

On our very first day we met Janos who mainly works for the KÉK – Contemporary Architecture Centre, Budapest to take us on a taster architectural tour around downtown Budapest. The weather was very unkind, we had sub-zero temperature, but Janos’s enthusiasm carried us through our apprehension and we had a very informative and great experience.

Our architectural journey led us through times and various styles, successes and mishaps, with Janos outlining the past, the present and the future of Budapest’s architecture. From contemporary public space design as a result of the unbuilt National Theatre, to the almost meant to be Sullivan-esque skyscraper “Madach Hazak” and gateway to the Jewish district now largest party-zone. We also learnt of an almost built Zaha Hadid building and how the car centric Budapesters dominate their environment by cars so much that a highway is slicing through the city.

Janos is an architect himself both practicing as well as working for the KÉK – Contemporary Architecture Centre. He takes people on various bespoke architectural journeys through the city. His next upcoming project with the  KÉK – Contemporary Architecture Centre is the yearly organised Budapest 100, on the 5-6th May 2018. BUDAPEST100 is a two-day celebration of Budapest and its historic buildings organized by volunteers, enthusiastic locals, and the very tenants proudly inhabiting the buildings. This year’s guiding theme was: Let’s ‘’Share the Square’’, from the active gardening communities, contemporary architecture fans and elders’ full of stories from times past, the picnics by day, and playing music together on the squares and parks by night. From cool cellars to the cosiest of lofts, let us open doors, gates and hallways: let’s meet on the square!

Budapest100, founded by the Open Society Archives and run by the KÉK – Contemporary Architecture Centre, aims to bring together people from different backgrounds and generations.