Budapest: Subject to Change.

Interior Architecture studio Subject to Change together with Level 4 recently had the pleasure of visiting the Hungarian capital Budapest for five days. On behalf of those on the trip I would like to give special thanks to everyone who welcomed us and in particular Judit Pusztaszeri for making it all possible and share a few words from the students: Lucy-Ann Gilbert (Subject to Change Studio Tutor)

As a Hungarian who been in Budapest quite a lot before, I need to admit it was very interesting to see the city from another point of view.  Probably I would have walked passed lots of things if I was not there as a “tourist”. 

Eniko Csanaki

While viewing this building (Balna “The Whale”) from across the river, everyone had mixed reviews on the physical attractiveness of the building. However, after exploring the interior space this building shows unique links between the old and new architecture of Budapest. This is done mostly through the merging of materials. Of the two old historical brick buildings connected in the middle by the contemporary metal glass shell. Some of the spaces were unfurnished this only further emphasised inclusion of materials used. What I like about the building? It was different. 

Shakira Nkurunziza




Places Visited:


Urban Walk (

Hellowood (

Tipton (

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (

Mindspace (

FERI feminist galley (

Liget Budapest Project (

Capa Centre: Golden Boundaries (

House of Terror Museum (