Broadcast Industries: Interstitial Space.

On 29 March 2019, at 2300 GMT, the UK will leave the EU. Last year Broadcast industries focused on design
You will be reacting against real world issues that you have a personal interest in, which can
isn’t working and do something about it. This is your generation – Take Back Control! and research implications that Brexit could have on near-future 
be influenced and highlighted through spatial intervention and industries within the UK. This year Bl will focus our practice and design propositions surrounding the notion of the current state of uncertainty, flux and transition through the (re)use of temporary architectures and interstitial space.

Our test bed for ideas will be Brighton; a city with unused, undefined, unpredictable, unloved, uninhabited spaces – interstitial spaces that have been forgotten and left behind not
only in a physical sense but also programmatic. As designers, we have a responsibility to unlock the potential of these sites. This year Bl will explore how we can do this through use of impermanent and temporary interventions – an architecture that is reactive and responsive to the conditions surrounding it. 
Design. You will be defining transitional polemics that are political, social, cultural, geographical, industrial.

We will be posing a number of design and programmatic questions for you to react to and be inspired by. We will be exploring ideas around the notions of impermanence and temporary in the city; testing how architecture can react and adapt in response to different conditions and catalysts; understanding what is left when a piece of temporary architecture is removed; and the different materials and systems that can facilitate temporary spatial interventions.

Whatever your position, studio Bl will give you the opportunity to identify something that you think.

Rob Vinall

Rob is an interior architect with a successful background in theatre, exhibition and retail design. Blah blah blah….

Stephen Mackie

Stephen is an architect and co-founder of the architecture practice Sean and Stephen. He lives in Walthamstow with his partner and their dog Amber.