Benjamin Taylor: Exhale.

Product Design is one of the courses that have moved int new School of Architecture and Design here at Brighton here Benjamin Taylor explains his ‘Exhale ‘ design.

“Exhale is a novel smart nicotine inhaler, designed to intrigue and capture those seeking a tobacco-free lifestyle, with its futuristic, medical aesthetic. It seeks to bridge the gap between NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) and the popular vaping market.

Research shows that many of those seeking to quit smoking, fail, even with NHS treatment. The reasons for failure are numerous. A more positive and supportive approach is required to fix the problem. Although some switch to the E-Cigarette market; it’s common to revert due to device use being phased out in public areas and low satisfaction levels.

Exhale rectifies this by offering a smokeless, vapourless alternative that gives high levels of nicotine satisfaction throughout the day in a positive manner.

The novel technology within Exhale is the ability to track and advise users on their intakes, allowing greater awareness and control of the cessation process via a paired application. Exhale uses a disposable cartridge system, containing nicotine, sold as refill units for the main body. In theory the cartridges can be reduced in strength over time, encouraging the user to cut down their reliance and enter an addiction-free lifestyle.”