Amelia reflects on year with Near Futurists Alliance.

As the year draws to an end Amelia Hankin reflects on her experience of teaching in the Near Futurist Alliance studio this year from her perspective as a set-design practitioner.

It’s been a great experience teaching in Near Futurist Alliance studio this year. The early emphasis we made on creative writing as a tool to develop place, characters, journey and ultimately narrative has informed inventive and exciting interventions. Using techniques and terms I work with within the set and production design world such as sight lines, scenery trucking/Wildes, scenery construction, camera perspectives, practicalities and technologies have urged an importance on the viewer’s audience’s and user’s experience with great detail. The students designs are dynamic, conceptual, playful and full of intrigue which in my opinion are good fuel for their projects beyond third year whether in interior architecture or production design or anywhere along the bridge that spans them both.