Amazing Animation …….

Last week Studio 11 had the pleasure of hosting an animation workshop by the Danish artist/architect Anne Haaning. Haaning’s practice revolves around an interest in digital ontology and myth, employing CG animation and video installation as methods of working. Following Studio 11’s questions this year into the role of material and digital realities, Haaning’s own approach to the digital as a fluid condition is especially helpful. She investigates the performance and meaning of technology through a mythical perspective – unmasking, or perhaps re-masking, some of the structures the digital imposes on us. She is currently a research fellow with The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, and has shown her work in such local venues as the Jerwood Space and Whitechapel Gallery.

Through stop frame technologies the students made a range of animations to help move forward their developing architecture. At the end of a fruitful day there were many ideas, mediums, techniques and experiments to share, as well as some inspiring material.

Images: Studio 11 making animations, A still from Tan Le, A still from Zoe Kan, A still from a Haaning Animation (2015).

For more info see her website: