Alumni join current Studio 12 for experimental tutorial.

Studio 12 ran an experimental alumni tutorial session with previous graduates of the studio. We were joined by Alfie Peacock (2016) now with Fraser Brown MacKenna, Angus Taylor (2016) back from eight months of travel in Asia, Lok To (2015) who is completing his Part Two at Oxford-Brookes, and Tomi Akinyemi (2017) working with CG Architects. Each was given several students to tutor for extended one-to-one tutorials covering design development, presentation and portfolio advice. This format allowed for longer tutorial sessions than usual but more importantly allowed former students to pass on their experience of working on housing projects in Studio 12. The alumni were very enthusiastic, bringing in books and pamphlets, but also encouraging the students and passing on their experience of managing the latter stages of a design project. Current students found the session very helpful and seemed to enjoy getting help from tutors who were in their shoes no so long ago!