Agata submits her ‘School for Visionary Architecture’ for RIBA Bronze Medal.

Good luck to Agata Malinowska who has just submitted her final year project ‘A School for Visionary Architecture’ for a RIBA Bronze Medal. Her project interrogates and speculates what visionary architecture could become in the future. Stating that we should learn from past movements including the modernists, metabolisms and deconstructionists, as these movements were capable of influencing society.  Her proposal for the school programme delivers a futuristic approach with innovative devices, allowing students to create a new, virtual world of architecture. Integrating technology into the building to allow a connection with the physical aspect of digital life. The project aims not only to speculate future architecture, but to be a catalyst for society becoming more and more connected to our direct built environment.

We look forward to hearing if her fantastic project that has already won RIBA South East Student Prize will go on to receive the RIBA Bronze Medal in December.