Agata Malinowska: School of Visionary Architecture.

Agata Malinowska was recently awarded RIBA South East Student Prize along with fellow BA Architecture student Michael Holland. Her project is about establishing the School of Visionary Architecture for Part 2 and Part 3 students. The design project interrogates and speculates what visionary architecture could become in the future. Here she describes her project.

As the current British system of education is outdated and architects have become too close to the commercial world, we should instead be proposing visionary ideas for the future and learn from past movements including the modernists, metabolisms and deconstructionists, as these movements were capable of influencing society. It should be more open to stimulate our creativity, make it more flexible and to make us to think outside of the box.The project is a controversial manifesto as it is (literally) attached to the conservative Georgian buildings such as Carlton House Terrace  to show the relationship between the education of the old system and what the proposal is;and the Trafalgar Square’s Nelson’s Column – to integrate with society. The proposal is very high-tech as the programme delivers a futuristic approach with innovative devices, allowing the students to create a new, virtual world of architecture. Integrating technology into the building will allow a connection between the physical aspect of our digital life. The project aims not only to speculate future architecture, but to be a catalyst for society becoming more and more connected to our direct built environment.