A perfect ramble.

M’Arch Studio 4 went on their first site visit this week on a perfect autumn day . This year the Studio led by Jeff Turko¬† will be staying local and working in the Southdowns. So to start off they had a ramble along the River Ouse from the Lewes Brooks to the Port of Newhaven. The Brooks is a 330 hectare biological Site of Special Interest in East Sussex, making this a protected area in the UK. This is surrounded at the north by Lewes, the south by Southease and Rodmell, the west by Iford, and its eastern Edge by The River Ouse. As you can see from the images it is a stunningly beautiful area.
The ramble took in several pauses along the riverbank which if you follow through from Piddinghoe (where locals like to swim) leads eventually to the port of Newhaven where you can go onward to Dieppe, France. The extreme swing of conditions offered on the site is an allegorical prompt to invent new forms of architecture, both material and social. A great start to the year.