Studio 14 returned to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery to view the exhibition ‘Zaha Hadid: Early paintings and drawings’. This is a tour de-force of architectural drawing and painting; taken from the early period of the office when competition entries were developed from sketch idea, to drawing to painting. The language is initially esoteric but once you know how to read the drawings it soon becomes clear how the paintings generally combine several stretched projections. The display of the work in the ‘Magazine’ building generally works very well. The paintings are un-crowded, allowing a good sense of the spatial intention. The display of sketchbooks in glass vitrines seems overly precious, and impression given weight by their location in the gallery’s central vaulted chambers. But, what of authorship? There is no apparent reference, mention, or credit given to the many people who worked in Zaha Hadid’s office, both in developing the designs, and assisting in the production of the drawings and paintings.