A wet and windy site visit.

Studio 06 launched the year on Monday with a windy visit to Rottingdean where the studio will be working for the year.

Hosted by members of a number of local community groups we were shown around and learned about the past, present and future visions for the village.
Students were given the chance to climb up inside Rottingdean’s 210 year old old windmill and explore the Kipling Gardens and Grange Museum.
Roy Wales, professional conductor and chairman of Rottingdean Arts joined us later in the day at the purpose built Terraces Stage adjacent to the beach, where we heard about his vision which led to the founding of the acclaimed Rottingdean Arts group, his presentation was interwoven with stories of the villages murky smuggling past and references to the underground cave network lying beneath the village.

At the end of the day the hardiest of the group managed the 3 mile return walk to Brighton along the undercliff walk… with the wise ones returning by bus.