Wellesbourne Angling Society River Walk.

Nigel Symington, Chair of Sussex Butterfly Conservation, joined us for a river walk along the old banks of the Wellesbourne River in Brighton, now the A23 Preston Road. We shifted perspective to see from a butterfly’s point of view, an indicator species for insects and pollinators that are in serious decline. This loss of pollinators also has potentially serious consequences for the human species. It has been suggested we could only last a handful of years if pollinators became extinct. Recent research has shown there was a 75% decline in insects over 25 years within Germany.

With our new eyes, well kept grass parkland became a deserts of mono-culture with scarce food, rose gardens’ lost their beauty as the inaccessible nectar became apparent, whilst overgrown gardens filled with things that are categorised as weeds (plants in the wrong place) and those uncared for areas in-between, became havens of food and habitat. The implications of this new understanding for evolving research and proposals were far reaching, and we send our thanks to Nigel for a stimulating walk.