The Waste House Award for Circular Design.

It’s prize giving time again  – this year there were thirteen extremely strong contenders for The Waste House Award for Circular Design. However there was one overall winner for a project that all judges agreed was the strongest.

The 1st Prize (£250) was awarded to Ali Rees (BA 3D Design & Craft). Ali’s work combined social engagement, real clients and genuinely circular processes, to create brilliantly authentic and beautiful products utilising material normally regarded as a useless by-product of the food and brewing industries. Ali’s work involves sophisticated manufacturing processes with a deep understanding of her client’s needs, creating beautiful, thought-provoking products with genuine end of life strategies for re-use, while communicating rich and inspiring narratives pertaining to the client, material and product, as well as the end user. All the judges felt that Ali had successfully tackled the social, environmental and economic challenges that a truly circular economy presents, while clearly making a big impact on the communities in Brighton she was working with. We understand that the three projects presented are currently all being used by Ali’s three separate clients.

The 2nd Prize was awarded to Peter Roper (M’Arch Architecture). The judges were impressed with the deep research into the potentials for waste timber from Sussex woodlands (that were formerly Common land), to be processed into cladding and building systems for the UK construction industry. Peter demonstrated an understanding of the history of these woodlands, as well as an understanding of the potentials for our landscapes to literally feed the construction industry in a genuinely sustainable way, while potentially creating a circular metabolism.

Joint 3rd Prize has was awarded to Sally Holditch (BA Textiles) and Zoe Rae (BA 3D Design & Craft). Sally’s projects highlighted the potential for plastic waste to be beautiful and inspire a thought-provoking fashion. Not circular design, but more of a method of raising awareness of the negative consequences of our consumer focussed lifestyles. Zoe’s vision for ‘Hunter-Gatherer in the Anthropocene’ presents a critical characterisation of an époque where human’s are forced to re-use and recycle the material waste left by a previous generation of excessive consumers. Taking inspiration from ancient cultures, the products presented demonstrate a high level of creativity, invention and understanding of the era/ epoch humankind appears to be sleep-walking into. Again these ideas are not necessarily demonstrating truly circular systems, more raising ones awareness of the madness of our current wasteful habits.

There were in total 13 nominees:
Two students from BA Interior Architecture – Candice Sleu Ting Ho, Aaron Reynolds
Three students from BA Textiles – Juliet Hilder, Hazel Hurn and Sally Holditch
Five students from BA Design & Craft – Matilda Grover, Tom Meades, Zoe Ray, Ali Rees, Amelia Derrick
Two students from BA Architecture – Oliver Shadforth, Chantel Barns
One student from MArch Architecture – Peter Roper