Twin Talks off to a thought provoking start.

Last night Professor Charles Holland and our Head of School Professor Robert Mull hosted the first Twins talk at The Old Courthouse in Brighton. With fabulous speakers, a great crowd and an innovative ‘vote with your feet’ seating arrangement this new series of talks got off to a really exciting and thought provoking start.

Thanks has to go to Piers Taylor, Lee Ivett, Kate Goodwin and Alex Arestis for their sterling contributions and provocative thoughts on the topic Dead Centre: Is London as a cultural centre dying? Also to our own Gem Barton for managing to corral their disparate views. So many good quotes from the evenings discussions¬† but in Charles’s view Lee Ivett might have just edged it with the compellingly straightforward point that “London has totally lost its sh*t”

This was the first in a series of six talks all based around an oppositional premise and the coming together of non-identical twins. Four speakers in pairs addressing an issue from opposite sides. Next up on the 9th Feb is Rural Futurism where we’ll be asking: is it possible to be modern and rural? For details of speakers and venue keep checking the Twins Talk website.