On Monday 23rd January, a suitably foggy day, we made another trip to Newhaven, this time, and much to students approval, not to the Fort. We began our journey departing from Brighton to Newhaven via Lewes on the replacement bus service – the day prior to Southern rail finally returning to ‘normal’ at least for a while. The students, in groups armed with maps and disposable cameras, had no real aim other than to wander. This experiential survey was one of exploration, to find its edges and explore the towns existing condition along with any moments of particular intrigue. To quote Louis Rice and David Little eld. Transgression: Towards an Expanded Field of Architecture: “Where do architectural boundaries lie?… In order to be transgressive, one might need to adopt an attitude, to operate beyond accepted norms… Transgression is a term which offers something of a permission for wandering and wondering, across boundaries, to see what can be learned.”

Building upon the theories of transgression from semester one, Studio Trans began to make three dimensional models and drawings, as a tool to make analysis of the site and the potential boundaries from which, individually, students have begun to develop an understanding of how they may deploy notions of trangression within this particular context.