Studio 12 highlights.

It has been a busy term for Studio 12 so before we all go our separate ways for Easter we thought it would be good to share some highlights:

Fern Thatcher’s project is looking at co-housing and community facilities primarily based around allotments. Her exploded axonometric is a wonderful program study for how she is organising her dwelling units. The model is an early attempt at organising the co-housing units around a public and communal court.

Irvine Toroitich is pursuing a parallel block scheme that bucks the trend for arranging the housing from east to west. His short blocks are meant to provide for a variety of different streetscapes which in turn generate different unit types for each block. It is a scheme that is aggressively engaging with urban issues and the broader context around St. Leonards. The emerging live-work strategies are highly flexible and pointing towards a new kind of urban housing type.

Tomi Akinyemi is working on a hybrid housing type that defies categorisation. Combining terrace, courtyard and regency influences her model sets up a complex and flexible relationship between live and work spaces. These have the potential to generate interesting economic models for flexibly ownership and rental.