Students design and build installation for Brighton Festival.

As an interior architecture student, helping to design and build the ‘Life Room’ installation for Cathie Pilkington’s exhibition for Brighton Festival was a spectacular opportunity. Being exposed to a number of aspects of the world of contemporary art and architecture, working with an exceptional artist, contributing to her work actively whilst considering factors such as cost, accessibility, visitor experience etc. contributed a new perspective of reality to my understanding of spatial development.

The first event of our collaboration was meeting Cathie, analysing her work and understanding the spatial requirements for the exhibition space. Our trip to Royal Academy of Arts and it’s life drawing room, surveying and studying the existing space, receiving instructions and considering various possibilities were the green light of our creative progression.

Our charrette workshop with Cathie, which took place few weeks after our trip to her studio, was our opportunity to design, discuss and negotiate through our practical working drawings. From quality of natural light to material costs, we were able to resolve all of the spatial conflicts.

After producing technical drawings of the proposal structure and it’s components, we were ready for the construction stage. As each component of the structure required different constructional techniques and skill sets such as framing, metalworking, drilling on various materials etc, we received an incredible amount of briefing and introductions which were one of the most productive outcomes that we have gained. Despite the complexity of the structure and few structural issues that we have faced, with the great help of our tutors Gem and Rob and workshop technicians Ade and Dave, we were able to successfully assemble the installation.

From beginning to final assembling stage, this project has been an amazing opportunity for; encouraging us to explore new techniques, being an experience which included real life conflicts, and finally, showing us the significance of multitasking and time management.

Kaan Colak – Level 5 student.