Rural Futurism: Twins Talk.

On Thursday 9th February ‘Twins’ continues, moving the debate into the countryside to discuss Rural Futurism. For all those who believe that the countryside is cool and to all those that don’t, book your ticket to come and have your say. We have a wonderful line-up of speakers: Owen Hatherley, Hana Loftus, Dr Rosemary Shirley and Ken Worpole.  In this second talk of the series we will debate is it possible to be both modern and rural? Or is modernism an urban condition? What histories of radical modernism exist outside urban centres and what sort of futures do they suggest? Is the city the centre of rationalism and the countryside a place of superstitions and arcane beliefs? Is the rural always a backwater and the city always the centre?

To book a ticket and for venue details visit the Twins Talk website