Rotterdam Trip: Day 3

Day three was possibly one of the best days ever. Starting off walking through Het Park and discussing the various buildings, we competed against each other for the correct answers which proved to be any easy way to engage us all that early in the morning paired with a hangover. Along with trying to catch the false facts being thrown in by the tutors for their own amusement we found ourselves at the bottom of the Euro mast, and then, at the top of it. As if we felt like hadn’t walked and seen the whole of Rotterdam already, up there it was Rotterdam for as far as your eye could see.

Next stop, Delfshaven. On route, we plodded along picnic in tow, stopping to take pictures of anything that caught our eye, an old harbour surrounded by the picturesque traditional Dutch architecture that looked as if they were moored to the towering boats and not the other way around. This was our chosen stop for a tapas picnic which focused mainly on the copious amounts of bite size Gouda found as out local supermarket.

Lots more walking, more pictures of people as statues and more bumping into adorable dogs. The sun came out just in time to race to the Piet Zwart institute, after getting lost of course. There we had the opportunity to visit the Interior Architecture Master’s Programme and check out some final projects in progress which I’m sure inspired most of us, if not the programme the building certainly did.

Last stop on the itinerary for the day, access to the archives in Het Nieuwe Institute. Being threatened for walking too slow was well worth this last stop. We leaned in over each other as if we’d never seen a drawing before, whilst our guide talked through some of the most beautiful hand crafted architectural drawings they had in their collection. This is likely the most engaged our tutors had ever seen any of us and as if this day didn’t already awaken the design geeks in us we finished it off exploring the galleries, taking more photos and eating more cheese. All in all a pretty dreamy day.

Lizzie Walkden Level 6.