The Rogue Film School.

Inspired by Werner Herzog’s ‘Rogue Film School’ which operates as an informal platform for film makers and storytellers offering not technical understanding of films, but rather guerrilla tactics and encouragement for mavericks, this year Studio BA 55 will look at alternative approaches, disruptive thinking, and unorthodox techniques.

We will ask students to speculate / hypothesize on interests, habits, methodologies for alternative and disruptive ways of thinking. These could be fantastical or grounded, but all hypothesis must be based on research. Research in Studio BA 55 is conducted through ‘making’: making models, making drawings, making collages, making diagrams.

Having undergone a rebranding exercise, the area to the immediate north of the river Thames connecting parliament to the city, stretching from Trafalgar Square along the Strand to Temple, is now known as the NorthBank – a counterpoint to London’s South Bank on the opposing side of the river Thames. If the South Bank is perceived as being a place of cultural consumption Studio 55 will see the NorthBank as a place for making culture. We are particularly interested in exploring how student projects could be disguised and embedded amongst the NorthBank heritage and urban context.

We will ask students to investigate the nature of the NorthBank, what makes this place unique, if the NorthBank could dream, what would it want to be?

Students will be designing the atmosphere, ambience, experience, aesthetics, logistics, and tectonics of a ‘Rogue School’. In term 1, students will design a small scale spatial proposition (Pavilion size) and will be encouraged to represent this through physical models and drawings. In terms 2 and 3 Students will be asked to develop their research and positions into a medium to large scale building proposition. Taking the key themes of the ‘Rogue School’ project forward, Students will be asked to expand their design vocabulary. Students will be encouraged to develop proposals through physical models and complex drawings.