As a busy ‘second year’ neared completion, and before the summer vacation, a small group of us – Kamila, Linda, Paula, Christopher, and myself – returned to the studio to further develop our work for ONCA – a space for meeting, thinking, learning and celebrating art. 

We began working on a new model and drawings that would comprehensively describe the existing situation of the gallery and the building at 14 St George’s Place, together with the proposed changes from which we consider that ONCA could benefit – including proposals from our individual technology projects. Our aim was to finish before May 31st because it was on that date that we arranged to meet with Lu-Lu and Lydia from the ONCA gallery to present our work.

May 31st came around and that morning we all rushed with our models and portfolios to get from Mithras House to the ONCA gallery, for an early morning meeting. This took place in the garden space at the back of the building. Light speckled through the leaves of an overgrown tree leaning over the garden table; adding a layer of nature to the drawings and models. It was a refreshing change to from the indoor world of the studio. We presented our most recent design project work, and talked about our ideas for the gallery. Lu-Lu and Lydia listened attentively to our presentations, adding observations and thoughts.

Our design projects demonstrate different and diverse ways in which places of art might be established in central Brighton. For ONCA this has sparked the idea of creating a larger conversation with Brighton about the place of art, through an exhibition and events at the gallery, that are likely to take place in early September. As students, this excited us incredibly and we look forward to continuing with this work, over the summer.

Sachini Jayasena – Studio 14




“A wonderfully creative space for exploration and reflection” (Caroline Lucas), which “brings together communities in open-hearted and mind-altering ways” (Robert Macfarlane).

ONCA is a space for meeting, thinking, learning and celebrating art. We encourage artists to ask big questions: our mission is to support the wellbeing of people and places by increasing awareness of, and engagement with, environmental and social challenges. ONCA embraces diverse perspectives and needs, and we aim to model and foster inclusive creative practices that help people imagine – and move towards – thriving futures. To do this, we partner with both local and international artists and organisations on a variety of projects.