Technology is shifting more and more toward the intangible. The ubiquity of the digital interface is influencing our relationship to the material world – vision is becoming even more paramount to how we understand events and meanings in our lives. The resistance of the material world is dissolving under the smoothness of the screen. This lack of resistance can also be seen in the constantly expanding limits of creative digital media. Photoshop changes the nature of what the image means to us, making the real and the invented virtually indistinguishable. Public space becomes more and more infiltrated by the privately choreographed worlds of personalised digital media. Augmented reality begins to infiltrate the physical world, collapsing it into a pseudo-spatial experience – objects become bodiless, gravity defied.

This year Studio BA 11 will investigate the boundaries which exist between these states – between public and private, virtual and material, and the body and architecture. How can architecture respond to a way of living that is becoming increasingly less material? The role of resistance will be central to our early investigations, whether in the context of the material world or in relation to our fantasies: How do we create if everything is possible – if there is no tangible limit to our imaginings? Looking at the relationship between physicals worlds and their virtual implications (and vice versa), is it possible to understand more about how we make meaning as architects in this quickly changing world?