New prize from Emeritus Professor Jonathan Woodham.

Emeritus Professor Jonathan Woodham who recently retired from the School of Architecture and Design after 35 years at the University of Brighton has established a new, yearly student prize of £1,000 to recognise the outstanding work of students in the field of design history. The prize will be given for the best piece of work within the academic year that has been inspired or informed by research in the University’s Design Archives, which Jonathan co-founded. The prize is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
For Jonathan, establishing the scheme is about nurturing the future of the study of design history. He said: “I would like to encourage pioneering work using the Archives and bring new knowledge to the field, possibly in more imaginative ways than has been achieved to date. I would also like to make this award available as a gesture of thanks and solidarity to fellow academics at Brighton who have done so much to progress the field in what are difficult times for the creative arts and humanities.”