Learning to draw.

This week I have been working on my perspective section hand drawing, which is for the Technology task in the Contexts module. The main thing that I have realised during this process is that the best way to learn is through drawing. After a tutorial with tutors Michael and Onur, I started to think more about drawing the really crucial details of the space, such as how a counter top is formed out of various modules, floor thicknesses or the components of a door frame. This way I can tell a story that relates to technology, through my drawing.

This image is of the unfinished drawing. The main things that I have realised are that I need to change the perspective in the windows, minor details (door threshold etc), floor and wall thicknesses and illustrating the joists in the floors. Once I have developed these points, I will nearly be at a point where I am happy with the final drawing.

Georgina Wood: Level 4.