Learning some tricks.

This week away from the studio a small group of second and third year Architecture students had the chance to try out some different approaches to managing nerves associated with crits and presentations. By working with a professional voice coach from ‘Theatresaurus’  the students were coached through some tried and tested drama techniques to help them present with more confidence.
This was the first of two workshops and focused on  ‘tricks’  and  ‘skills’ to help with anxiety and lack of confidence when speaking to an audience.

This week they started by looking at the importance of breathing and relaxation, understanding how voice is produced and how the breath gives the voice power by sustaining and supporting your voice. They then moved on to articulation and listening – learning how to listen to your voice and the voice of others. The session ended with examining pace, pause and projection, using the voice as an instrument that can communicate in different ways.

Lots of fun ……