Launch of new self guided study trip map.

Luis Diaz has prepared a self-guided study trip map for housing in London using Google Maps. Students in Studio 12 were asked to select one or two itineraries over Easter to visit. Each year the walking tours result in a positive transformation of work as students get to experience different kinds of scales, see the impact of materials and see how project do (or don’t) integrate into their contexts. The map includes suggested walking routes, detailed notes for each entry and photographs to help identify the buildings. The map currently focuses on projects that support this year’s studio theme but will be expanded in future to include more housing projects. The map is publicly available and can be found here:

A second version of the map supporting current research into the entry sequences of housing estates is nearly complete. The map combines notable housing projects with more obscure projects gleaned from the London Picture Archive. A link will be provided in the coming months.