It’s that time of year.

It’s that slightly crazy but exciting time of year again, students are working on making those last few changes to their portfolios before submitting them for final marking, whilst others are helping build the degree show which opens to the press and the public at the end of the week. This year students have been learning some intricate making skills; string is used as binding to create friction joints thereby avoiding the need for metal fixings …….with some beautiful results

Here two BA Interior Architecture students share their thoughts.

Last week before that submission was certainly the the most challenging one over the last three years of being a student in Brighton. Without a doubt, submitting our final portfolio made everyone really happy (even though incredibly tired) and beyond relieved! Now our thoughts have move immediately on to planning our presentations for the degree show …….we spoke with our tutors right after the hand-in so now need to re focus and get ready for the big night.

Zuzanna Kielak, Level 6.

This week was the beginning of building the degree show, after being given a brief and being split up into sessions we began work on Saturday. The first few days consisted of getting the chests assembled and ready. The components had to be drilled, glued and sanded to give an immaculate finish. This week has taught us skills in assembling, time keeping and team work ready for next year and the challenges it will bring.

Rachel Dowling, Level 5.