Highlights from Easter Crit.

Studio 11 would like to thank the excellent critics who were able to join us for our Easter review. Ben Sweeting, Alex Zambelli and Nat Chard gave some insightful comments, engaging with the emerging architectures that bring extra pleasure and suspense to this time of the academic year. We would also like to thank the photographers for your input over the break. There were many exciting pieces of work on display for the review and everyone is looking forward to the next few weeks as the intensity and thoughtfulness of the invented architectures approach their final stages. We have dancers, fitness instructors, engineers, artists, actors, directors, brick makers, set designers, librarians, students, gardeners, fashion designers, curators, and chefs forming an eclectic community, extending the vibrancy of Trafalgar St. into what was once a pretty mediocre car park, and inhabiting some unique and challenging architecture.